Dunbar lawn bowling is one of the best ways to meet people while enjoying exercise in a peaceful outdoor setting.  You can bowl afternoons, evenings or weekends -- whatever time suits your schedule.  All you need to start is an inexpensive pair of smooth-soled shoes.  Use the club bowls and you're all set to start learning.

Bowling is easy to learn and we don't wear "whites" all the time - casual clothing is worn throughout the week.  Come and join us for the month of May and see how you like it with no commitment necessary.

In 1926 the green for our club was first seeded.  The first bowling took place in 1927 under the watchful eye of our first President, Mr. Percival.  Through out the years, our members have stayed grounded to the fact that as a pastime and a sport, lawn bowling, first and foremost, should be FUN and a way to socialize and enjoy the outdoors in beautiful Vancouver.  Various bowlers compete on different levels, but as a part of the team, new bowlers are always made to feel comfortable and welcome, no matter what their skill level. 

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