Adjacent and to the West of Dunbar Community Centre, Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club has an 91-year history of Lawn Bowling in Dunbar. It is a friendly social club and welcomes new members. You need not be an experienced bowler when you start, but the friendly bowlers and their introductory lessons and encouragement will initiate you into the fraternity of lawn bowling within a very short time. Informal practice sessions are scheduled on Saturday mornings for those who wish to develop their skills and learn from an experienced bowler. The Club has spare bowls for those who wish to use them.

The Club also offers Croquet all year round, with instruction and games on the green.

Lawn bowling is a healthy social sport which people of any age can enjoy. It also allows for competitive challenges and outings with other local teams and Dunbar has had its share of leading competitive bowlers.  Anyone can learn and develop to the level they choose and enjoy the camaraderie of our club.

Throughout the May to September season, men's, women's, and mixed bowling is held at regularly scheduled times (see the Schedule page on this website for further details).  There is also bowling on several holidays throughout the season and the greens are floodlit for evening matches. 

During the year, there are several special dinners and events held at the Clubhouse, and Dunbar is host to visits by other Bowling Clubs. For those who wish to participate, teams from Dunbar also visit other local Clubs during the year.

Dunbar is highly regarded as having one of the most beautiful "greens" in British Columbia, ringed by a variety of tall trees that provide a serene and enjoyable enclosed space in which to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. The historic Dunbar Bowling Clubhouse has a meeting room, washrooms, kitchen, and lockers and is used for dinners and other club functions. Ample parking is immediately adjacent, making access convenient.  The Clubhouse is also available for rental by other community groups.

The official Dunbar outdoor bowling season begins on Sunday May 7 with bowling starting at 1:30 pm.  You could join us then or on the following weekend at our Open House for bowling and/or croquet on Saturday May 13 from 10:30 to 2 pm.  And don't forget Salmonberry Days at the Dunbar Community Centre on May 28.  We will have a table at the Centre and will be providing free lessons in both lawn bowling and croquet from 11:00 to 3 pm.

Please join us this year for your introduction into both of these invigorating hobby sports.

Anyone interested in learning more about lawn bowling is invited to join us every Saturday for an informal practice session from 10:00 AM until noon, May until Sept, weather permitting. We have bowls you can try and members on hand to describe the basics of the game. Just come in flat soled shoes - no heels, no deep treads. We have regular games every Sunday, starting at 1:30 PM, when there is an opportunity to learn more about lawn bowling by watching club members, in their whites, competing in mixed draws.


Now croquet is being played at Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club as well as the popular lawn bowls . . . and this isn’t your backyard croquet that you used to play in your youth!  The hoops are as big as re-bar and need a hammer to drive them into the ground with only a 3/16 inch tolerance to get the ball through.

We play both American rules and Association rules (English) as well as popular Golf croquet, which is easy to learn but difficult to master.  We are affiliated with Croquet Canada and hold club tournaments as well as tournaments with other croquet clubs in Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.

Croquet is the only sport that propels two balls in different directions at the same time to score goals.  All the others use one ball, one direction and do it individually.  Think the combination of chess and snooker on a large 105’ x 84’ putting green in the middle of a forest and you have croquet at Dunbar.  Our beautifully manicured lawns allow us to play croquet or lawn bowling every day and evening and many times both games will be going on at the same time.

Croquet is less strenuous than lawn bowls but is mentally challenging in both the planning and playing of the game.  Both games can be enjoyed by men and women playing together.  There is no physical gender advantage in either game and players nine years and older are welcome to see if youth can triumph over age and wisdom.  Both games are played in the day and evenings, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.  You don't even have to play; it's just a great place to meet and socialize with our other members at the club house or on the patio overlooking the court.

Come along and join us for a free introduction lawn bowling and/or croquet – we think you will be pleasantly surprised and it will be well worth your time, even if you do not decide to join us on a regular basis.



We welcome groups to try bowling and croquet as a social or corporate team-building event.  Coaching is available for up to 30 people at a time.  Bowls are provided.  Participants are asked to wear flat-soled shoes (no heels, no treads) in order to protect the greens.  Kitchen facilities are available if refreshments are desired.  We ask a small fee per participant to cover utility and maintenance costs.

Meetings and Social Events

The clubhouse is a character building from 1926 and includes a meeting room, kitchen, and washrooms.  When it is not in use for club events it is available to the community on a rental basis.  We have hosted wedding receptions, adult birthday parties, arts fairs, and film shoots.  We ask a small fee per participant to cover utility and maintenance costs.  Note that under the terms of our Parks Board Agreement, we can currently only accommodate groups that include lawn bowling or croquet as part of their event.

Rental Agreement

Community groups using the facilities are required to sign a rental agreement similar to that required by Parks Board Community Centres.  For more information and/or a copy of the agreement, please contact the Club President through this website.
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