Pat Burns

Born and raised in Vancouver, Pat married Susan and spent the first 8 years of their 50-year marriage in Yukon where both their children were born. Trained in forestry, Pat has worked in the forest and marine industries as well as in local government and non-profits, including the United Church and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Over the years, Pat has served as DLBC Treasurer, President, Club Coach, and Rentals Coordinator. He is also an avid curler and enjoys biking and hiking with Susan. Something you might not know about Pat is that he is a recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his efforts in fighting hunger in Canada.

John Gilbert

John was born in Bath, UK but grew up and attended secondary school in Bristol.  After completing his undergraduate studies at University College London, John studied at Purdue University and was offered a position at UBC in the Department of Paediatrics.  This began a 41-year career at UBC that continues to this day.  John joined DLBC in 2013, having learned about lawn bowling from Mia Bjornstad (whose daughter is married to John’s son).  John and his wife Carolyn have three children and five grandchildren.  Besides bowling, John’s hobbies include reading, music, photography, and travel, but what you might not know is that he is also an avid vegetable gardener.

Carol Guilbaut

Born in Los Angeles, Carol spent her high school years in Ojai Valley. Carol was an exchange student to Fortaleza, Brazil in high school and then an exchange student to Bordeaux, France where she met her future husband, Serge Guilbaut.  Serge began teaching Modern Art at UBC in 1978. Two children later (Jeremy and Flora) and with her PhD in hand, Carol began a 25-year career teaching Medieval Art History at UBC. Carol first tried lawn bowling in 2016 with some of Serge’s soccer friends at an introductory session at DLBC. Enjoying that and seeing a great opportunity to make new friends and keep active, she immediately signed up. Carol loves to cook.

Trixie Korver

Christine Patterson

Christine grew up in Kerrisdale, attending Kerrisdale Elementary and Crofton House School. She and her first husband operated Dunbar Lawns & Gardens and Dunbar Pest Control while raising a son and daughter. Christine remarried in 2010 and she and Dennis had their reception at DLBC. In 2012, John and Wendy Hawthorne convinced them to join DLBC. Bowling was too hard on Christine’s joints but, fortunately, Keith Sjostrom introduced croquet to the club that year. Since retiring in 2015 Christine spends almost every day playing croquet. Something you might not know about Christine is that, as a child, she was on the first commercial flight over the North Pole.

Dennis Patterson

Dennis spent his early years in New Westminster and Surrey, but moved several times throughout his childhood.  He first moved to Hedley, where his family ran a tourist venue with a cafe, gas pumps, cabins and tents.  This was followed by moves to Blue River and to Mahood Lake to run sawmills with his father, who was a steam engineer.  Inheriting a mechanical aptitude from his father, Dennis became a licensed auto mechanic, serving customers in the Dunbar area from 1970 right up to this day.  Dennis has one beautiful daughter from his first marriage.  Eight years ago, he married Christine at the Dunbar Lawn Bowling Club where he now bowls and plays croquet.

Marian Reid

Marian was born and raised in West Point Gray in Vancouver.  She worked in the Vancouver school system for 35 years as a Primary teacher, Vice Principal, consultant and Principal.  Marian’s parents were avid lawn bowlers which led to her interest in joining the DLBC.

Alan Wass

Alan was born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and lived there until he began attending boarding school in Grade 11.  He earned a degree in Computer Engineering at the Royal Military College and served 4 years as an officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Alan retired in 2016 after working 25 years in the civilian aerospace industry. He joined DLBC in 2016, having heard about the club from a coworker (and co-member), Cam Pearce.  Alan has two daughters and enjoys reading, travel, and sports of all kinds. Something you might not know about Alan is that he played trombone in grade school and is teaching himself to play piano.

Elaine Wass

Elaine was born in Saskatoon and grew up in the Vancouver and Victoria regions, with short stints in the Philippines and the UK.  After earning a degree in Economics from U Vic, Elaine began a 34-year HR career in the Federal Public Service from which she retired in 2016. Elaine joined DLBC that same year with her husband, Alan, having dropped in one Saturday morning for some instruction from Lorne Oakes.  Elaine has two adult daughters and is a very active Board and Committee member in the not-for-profit sector. She enjoys travel, curling, entertaining, and a good mystery novel. Something you might not know about Elaine is that she was the first-ever female deckhand on BC Ferries.

Norman Young

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