As of 11 Oct 20, DLBC has transitioned to Phase 2 winter play for bowls and croquet.  Play is limited to no more than 8 bowlers and 8 croquet players per session and no more than 4 croquet players per court.  However, up to 10 spectators may also participate for a total maximum attendance of 26.


Playing slots are every day from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.

For your first Phase 2 visit to the club you must:


  1. Read the Phase 2 DLBC Guidelines at the link here that describe how DLBC is complying with the Bowls BC Phase 2 restrictions.

  2. Print, complete, and sign the Bowls Canada Liability Waiver at the link here if you did not already do so in Phase 1.

  3. Present the signed Liability Waiver at the club if you have not already done so.

Before every time you play you must do the following:

  1. Register for a playing time by clicking on the Sign-Up Sheet at the link here and entering your name in the area for your desired slot.

  2. Read and adhere to the Phase 2 Club Procedures at the link here.

  3. Print, complete, and sign the Medical Screening Questionnaire at the link here.

  4. Present the signed Medical Screening Questionnaire upon arrival at the club.

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